Some measures have been taken to assure a healthy and serene atmosphere during the Barcelona meeting, as the conference venue is large enough to maintain adequate and safe interpersonal distance (auditorium for 300 people), coffee breaks will take place outdoors and using masks will be mandatory indoors.

You are welcomed in Barcelona!

Let’s continue to do science in a collaborative environment!!

Following the initiative of more than seven thousand Ukrainian and Russian colleagues and statements from the international scientific community, the Executive Board of the Association of Archaeological Wear and Residue Analysts firmly protests the military invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army. As the AWRANA Executive Board and the AWRANA Conference Organizing Committee, we are convinced that science is a place where people from different countries and beliefs join and work together for building new knowledge in benefit of the whole humanity. We know that the next international meeting that will take place in Barcelona will welcome all those colleagues who will participate within a spirit of constructive scientific exchange, which has always characterized our relationship.

The AWRANA Executive & The Organizing Committee of the AWRANA Barcelona 2022 Congress

Catering possibilities at the conference venue

There is the possibility to have lunch at the CosmoCaixa restaurant. The menu price (first and second course, dessert and drink) is 11.80€. Tickets, limited to 60 people, will be sold in the cafeteria in the mornings every day. Other possibilities for lunch are the restaurants located in Plaza Kennedy, a 5-minute walk away: In the Plaza de la Ciencia, inside the CosmoCaixa site, there is also the possibility to eat food from home.

The social dinner will take place on Wednesday 6th April at 18:50 h. The price menu is approximately 20€. Could you confirm your attendance in this link, please? Let us know if anyone has food intolerance.

Poster guidelines for all authors

We decided to enable the participants to have access to all the posters before the congress attendance through a sharing platform.The deadline to send us your poster is March 26, 2022. The poster file should be in PDF format and should not be heavier than 12MB. The posters will be uploaded on Google Drive. They will be made available through a password-protected link, which will be available for viewing ONLY to the participant or to the attendees who paid their registration fee for the meeting. To facilitate the distribution of abstracts for each theme, we kindly ask you to name your file: NAME_OF_FIRST_AUTHOR_THEME.pdf.

Online poster presentation during the congress: the authors who will present their poster online during the congress must send the recording of their presentation (3 minutes max) before March 30, 2022 to To avoid any loss of information, we kindly ask you to attach the PDF of your poster in the same transfer again.

In-person poster presentation during the congress: participants who will present their poster in person should hand it at the accreditation desk on April 4, 2022 from 8.30 am to 12.00 pm. The required format is A0, portrait, free background. If you are unable to meet this timing, please contact the organizing committee. Please be advised that posters will be removed from the dedicated room on Tuesday evening at the end of the official poster session.

Online participation: oral presentation and poster guidelines

To avoid delays in the program, ONLINE PARTICIPANTS are kindly requested to pre-record their presentations (10 minutes for oral communications, 3 minutes for posters) to be sent to before March 30, 2022, although they will be able to participate remotely in the enabled discussion periods during the sessions. Please avoid attaching files directly on the mail, but use a service for large files. We suggest using .mp4 format at the maximum possible resolution.

Venue: last update!

The AWRANA conference will finally take place at the CosmoCaixa Barcelona from 4-7 April 2022! Given the large in-person attendance expected and the need for powerful streaming support for online participants, the congress has to change its location. CosmoCaixa is a science museum with a large amphitheater room with a capacity of 300 seats, allowing to welcome all the participants in safe sanitary conditions.